Choreographed Displays

When you add music to fireworks, the sky is literally the limit for possibilities.

Fireworks New York City - Garden State FireworksTechnology in the Fireworks industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Our team uses the latest in choreography tools to ensure that no note is left behind. Whether elegant and wispy, or loud rock n’ roll, our lead Choreographer Chris Santore, will leave you speechless. When you’re watching a musically choreographed display from Garden State Fireworks, you’re watching hours upon hours of work, both in front of the scripting software and at the factory preparing that show to come to life.

Chris Garden State FireworksChris has a unique advantage that helps to set aside his designs from others throughout the industry. Not only is Chris a musician, who understands the music and soundtrack, he also has the knowledge and understanding of all of the product choices he makes. A fourth-generation Santore, Chris is the son of August, and nephew of Nunzio, who has been taught the technique and art behind each effect he chooses in his design.

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