Special FX

As the Fireworks industry continues to adapt and evolve over the years, the boundaries of entertainment also continue to be pushed and exceeded. New ways to thrill audiences and create those moments of awe remain a goal to many. Masters of pyrotechnic excellence for 130 years, Garden State Fireworks is proud to be able to help push those boundaries and provide new-age special effects to add to any of your events.

Our technicians are subject matter experts for special effects. With safety at the forefront of any design decision, we also assure that the placement and usage of the desired effect have been carefully and thoughtfully planned out. From sporting events to intimate weddings, to world stadium tours, our team of professionals specializes in all of your effects needs. We have been happy to provide everything from close proximity pyrotechnics, to flame and fog effects, to confetti and more for celebrations and events around the country.

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